Dental Articles

What to Do Until You Receive Emergency Dental Care

All dental emergencies require emergency dental care. Immediate action can reduce permanent damage and costly dental restoration. Contact your Grand Rapids dentist office as soon as possible. Here are some helpful tips for if you find yourself with a dental emergency until you meet with your dental care professional. Read more here.

Tongue Scrapers for Halitosis

Are you someone who struggles with bad breath? Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath is a common problem. Our dentists at River Valley Dental have grouped together information regarding the oral problem and some dental health tips on how to eliminate bad breath. Read more here.

Create A Dynamic Smile with Dental Bonding

Are your teeth discolored, cracked or decayed? Some dentists use traditional dental restoration procedures used to address these issues are slow and costly. If you want to improve your smile effectively and affordably, dental bonds may be just what you need to create a dynamic smile. Read more here.

3 Steps to a Better Smile through Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great option for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their smile.Cover up unsightly teeth with porcelain veneers. The pearly exterior of porcelain veneers helps you give the best first impression while enhancing your natural beauty. Read more here.

Can Brushing Your Teeth Ward Off Heart Disease?

We all know what to do — and what not to do — to prevent heart disease. Don’t overeat salty or fatty foods. Get exercise and rest. Eat your vegetables. Take medications to prevent worsening of an existing condition. Read more about Brushing Your Teeth & Heart Disease here.

TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull, allowing your mouth to move up and down as you chew or talk. When issues occur with the jaw joint or with the muscles involved with movement of the jaw, a temporomandibular disorder (TMD) may develop. Read more about TMJ disorders here.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Most of us consider smiling, talking and eating to be simple tasks. However, when you have missing, cracked or gapped teeth, these simple everyday things become embarrassing, frustrating and burdensome. Thankfully, modern cosmetic dentistry can help. Read more about the benefits of porcelain veneers here.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Our smiles play a large role in our overall appearance, so it’s no surprise that in-office professional teeth whitening is one of the most common dental procedures in the world. Having your cosmetic dentist whiten your teeth will effectively remove surface stains and also improve discolored teeth. Read more about professional teeth whitening here.

How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist, also known as an aesthetic dentist, performs various procedures that produce immediate results in the appearance of your smile. Things like discoloration or chipped teeth are some of the many issues that cosmetic dentists are best for correcting. Read more about how to choose the right cosmetic dentist here.

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about dental implants. Am I a good candidate? Is it painful? What are the costs? The following information on dental implants will help you answer some of these questions. Read more about dental implant freqently asked questions here.

Avoiding Time in the Dentist Chair

There are many people who don't like the dentist and yet, take such little care of their oral health that they end up having to make frequent trips to the dentist to repair damage to their teeth. Read more about avoiding time in the dentists chair here.

Six Tips For Preventing Gum Disease

As more and more research about gum disease is surfacing, the need for prevention is more urgent than ever. Gum disease is when your gum tissue and surrounding bones become infected. Read more about the six tips for preventing gum disease here.

Three Signs You Need Dental Implants

Anyone missing a tooth or several teeth is a strong candidate for dental implants, which can offer a permanent solution to the problems of tooth decay and missing teeth — as well as provide structural support for the entire mouth. Read more about three signs you need dental implants here.

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

If we fail or neglect our oral cleaning routines or dental check-ups, we could put our oral health at risk. Oral health can have a significant effect on the overall health of our bodies. It is important to understand the connection between oral and overall health. Read more about how your oral health affects your overall health here.

Alternatives for the Fearful Dental Patient

Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you get a feeling of helplessness when sitting in the dentist chair with the lights shining in your face and your mouth open? Dental anxiety and dental phobia are real. The effects can range from feeling mildly nervous about dental visits to getting sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat and fearing the dental visit itself. Read more about alternatives for the fearful dental patient here.

Smile Makeovers and Regained Confidence

Smile and the world smiles with you; unless it makes you feel uneasy. Your teeth may be stained, crooked, gapped, decaying or just missing. You may feel self conscious about laughing or smiling in front of other people. Read more about smile makeovers and regained confidence here.